Premium Sales and Service has a team of professionals and the cutting-edge technology to provide you a CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION for your environmental challenges in:

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 The New Generation of Wastewater

  Management Technology

  Poultry Litter / Air Quality Treatment


  Odor Elimination for Commercial,

  Agriculture & Residential

  Compost Acceleration Programs





Our full range of unique environmental products use the LATEST TECHNOLOGY to bring you a SAFER and MORE EFFECTIVE solution that simply wasn't possible before now.

Unlike many prepackaged products, we will develop a CUSTOMIZED PLAN that fits YOUR needs. We have biochemists, microbiologists, and trained field personnel who will not only provide a solution that works, but WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH EVERY STEP of the process. We are dedicated to the highest quality and service possible.

"Reduce Costly Lift Station Clean outs"

Genzyme Bio-Block     manufactured for Premium Sales & Service. A Powerful bacterial cultures and enzyme block that breaks down FOG in wet wells and  lift stations.

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